Fractions, Fractions, Fractions!

Here are some fun fractions activities you can do at home.


Maths Facts:


Try these:

Here are some fun Basic Facts games!

Other Maths Games

Multiplication and Skip-Counting Games:

  • NUMBER NINJA! - Do you want to be a ninja? If you do, try this one! Click '2', '5', '10' or '3' and then swipe any numbers that you would say if you were skip-counting in that number! Can you get 100%?

Statistics Games:

  • The Data Bank Research Company Game! - Tally, make a bar graph, and answer questions!
  • Molly at the Zoo! - Medium level is counting the animals, hard is counting the bars on a bar graph, and really hard is answering questions! Which level can you do?
  • Crocodile Tallies! - To practice your tallying skills, try out this game. You have to jump around as a crocodile; Miss Simpkins loves it!!
  • Class Survey Game! - find out the kids answers to a question, add up the tally marks, make a bar graph and a pictogram! The pictogram is tricky, so think carefully....

Games about Shapes!

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